How Are Hedgehogs And Porcupines Alike

A spiky appearance is the first driver of confusion when it comes to hedgehog vs porcupine. There are hundreds of spikes on their bodies, making them look somewhat comparable. Hedgehog is a spiky-skinned animal, while porcupine is a spike-covered mammal. In different words, porcupines have more distinguished quills than a hedgehog has. Hedgehog vs Porcupine cute mammals are sometimes confused with one another because they each have needle-like sharp spikes or quills on their body.

These spines are useful in defending themselves against their predators. Salt licking is a behaviour, which porcupines choose more typically than not. In temperate species, the copy takes place in fall or early winter, whereas tropical species mate throughout the year. Gestation lasts for about 31 weeks, and the standard litter dimension is one. Their ordinary lifespan is 5 to seven years in the wild, whereas they live as a lot as 20 years in captivity.

Defense Mechanism

The zoological team may be very devoted to offering you such kinds of animal-related info. The main predators of these animals are fishers, mountain lions, wolverines, coyotes, bobcats, and so forth. Research has proven that hedgehogs are fairly vocal and communicate with each other in a various methods. These embody a mix of squeals, snuffles, and grunts, relying on the species.

How Are Hedgehogs And Porcupines Alike

Hedgehogs have poor eyesight and depend on listening to and scent to help them to find meals. The variety of quills on the physique additionally differs, on a median, a hedgehog has 5000 feathers. On the other hand, the quills of Porcupine is 2 to three inches, while the African species can develop its quills up to 11 inches. Ask Any Difference is made to offer variations and comparisons of phrases, services and products. The imaginative and prescient is to cover all variations with great depth.

Q: Is A Hedgehog A Porcupine?

Confusion between hedgehogs and porcupines is as old as the hills. They’re each quill-covered, spiky-looking mammals that have established a place on the pop culture stage. Various animals and crops are current throughout the world, all possessing unique identification characters discriminating against them. The similar is the case with the porcupine and a hedgehog. People often confuse these mammals as a outcome of their similar appearances.

To some hedgehogs, this process ends rapidly and for others, it can happen over a period of a few years. Porcupettes then again do not face any such process; they lose and regrow their quills throughout their lives. Furthermore, they are mainly herbivores and have a tendency to feed on fruits, buds, grass, leaves, stems, and bark.

The Variations From A Porcupine Along With A Hedgehog

However, the prime habitat of these solitary animals remains to be the wild. They are both nocturnal rodents, and both have quills for protection, and there are a number of species of every. Porcupines, that are principally herbivores vary on common from 15 inches and 2 pounds of weight, to 36 inches and seventy seven pounds of weight.

How Are Hedgehogs And Porcupines Alike

Hedgehogs are smaller and their dietary necessities are easier to supply in captivity, with many business pellet mixes being obtainable. Once the quills have been launched from their physique, they’ll grow again to their full length. Their physique hair is softer than hedgehogs, and the quills lie flat until they feel threatened to which they may stand up straight and separate. These quills cowl their whole back and extend past their body when these quills are relaxed and form a tough protecting masking over their back. The visual similarity between hedgehogs and porcupines would be their spines. Their backs are coated with a sharp surface which acts as their protection.

Hedgehog Vs Porcupine Vs Echidna

Yet, it does not cease there; they take pleasure in eggs, fruits, grass, roots, and a few vegetables as properly. Their quills can become dislodged when they are attacked, but hedgehog quills are far more permanent. While it could be tempting to conflate photographs of the two mammals, they’ve less in common than most people imagine. There are many important differences between the animals both in look and behavior. Hedgehogs have kind of permanent quills, particularly compared to Porcupines. The latter maintain dropping on their quills all through their lives, whereas hedgehogs only lose quills as a baby.

Hedgehogs’ spines are evenly distributed across their again and head. On the opposite hand, there are specific species of porcupines which have concentrated clusters of spines, or particular person spines that are intertwined with hair. Hedgehogs are insectivorous animals, which implies that their diet is predicated on eating insects. They eat earthworms, beetles, ants and other bugs, and might even eat small mammals and birds’ eggs. Hedgehogs can attain up to 30 cm in length and greater than 1 kilogram in weight. Physically, these are short-legged and chubby animals with a tail that measures between 4 and 5 cm (1.5 to 2 in) lengthy.

Are Hedgehogs And Porcupines The Same?

Many people consider that they are close relations of each other. Despite their comparable look, these two critters are actually not related at all. Most captive porcupines have been domesticated and saved by wildlife amenities, where they have giant enclosures and minimal human interaction. The two belong to totally different species which have developed to develop some widespread reactions to environmental threats. In the European Union , hedgehogs are listed underneath an Appendix of the Bern Convention , which suggests they are protected. On the other aspect of the Atlantic Ocean, I’m familiar solely with hedgehogs.

How Are Hedgehogs And Porcupines Alike

Besides, they keep near their burrows even when they forage for sustenance. These unique animals could be exciting pets to have. But you should understand how these two are distinctive as animals in their explicit method earlier than choosing the one to get. Porcupines and hedgehogs differ by method of both appearance and behavior.

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Porcupine ft are wider with long, robust claws that are better for climbing and stripping bark. The hedgehog is intently associated to the 2 animals; moles and shrews. The diet of a hedgehog contains frogs, small snakes, small bugs, and other invertebrates. The female hedgehog gives birth to the infant hedgehogs in June and July.

How Are Hedgehogs And Porcupines Alike

There are no species of hedgehogs native to North America and Australia. These exotic creatures are actually interesting pets to have, however you need to know how one differs from the other before choosing which to get. The child of a hedgehog known as a hoglet or a piglet which weighs lower than 1 ounce. On the other hand, the Porcupine curve it’s back, so the feathers stick up when it feels threatened. When the Hedgehog feels endangered, it curls up into a ball. Its quills work like a defensive barrier to cease predators attacking.


The varied species of hedgehogs live in a variety of habitats, from forests and meadows to savannas, woodlands, and deserts. A spiky appearance is the first driver of confusion in relation to hedgehogs and porcupines. This signifies that the typical hedgehog is across the measurement of South America’s Rothschild’s porcupine – the smallest porcupine species. So, then, how exactly are hedgehogs and porcupines totally different from one another? The solutions to this question reveal some captivating truths and tales about these peculiar creatures. The porcupine lives for a specific time, after which it dies.

How Are Hedgehogs And Porcupines Alike

Neither hedgehogs or porcupines are social creatures and spend the massive majority of their lives alone. Both can be found in several completely different climates and geographic places around the globe. Though they devour different diets, both animals find their meals by utilizing their nice sense of scent to make up from their limited eyesight. Eyesight isn’t essential for either animal as a result of most varieties of every are nocturnal. When a hedgehog feels threatened, they’ll roll their physique right into a small ball, hiding their body parts while exposing the sharp, pointy exterior. They are sometimes noticed in gardens and at the moment are being kept as pets.

Variations Between Hedgehogs And Procupines

Hedgehog belongs to the Erinaceidae family and is part of the Eulipotyphla order. So, they are carefully related to shrews and European moles. On the opposite hand, porcupines are part of the intensive Rodentia order and belong to both the Hystricidae and Erethizontidae households. Thus, their close cousins are mice, beavers, and mice than hedgehogs. These spiny critters would possibly look related at first look. They are very different species that belong to a completely completely different order.



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I’m Shmulik and I’ve been breeding exotic pets for over 8 years. During the Years I raised lots of different breeds of exotic animals and decided to bring all my experience and knowledge to this blog.

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