How Are Porcupines And Hedgehogs Similar

The female porcupine gives start to the infant porcupines, referred to as porcupettes. The primary variations between hedgehogs and porcupines are distinguishable from their habitat, look, defensive mechanisms, and food regimen. Hedgehogs live in a broad range of habitats, from scrublands, deserts, and even suburban gardens.

They can weigh as much as 15 kg , which is 15 instances more than a typical hedgehog. So, they principally eat beetles, caterpillars, slugs, worms, and other invertebrates. Frogs, rodent infants, small snakes, little birds, and eggs are additionally some of their favourite meals.

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They live solely on the bottom and prefer a solitary lifestyle. Their favourite food is bugs, however they will also dine on slugs, snails and even snakes. This makes them good garden companions and many people like having them around to pick off yard pests.

However, they each use their spines in a unique way to defend themselves. On the other hand, porcupine’s quills fall off and regrow easily and frequently. Thus, they happily lose and regrow their spines throughout their lives. Let’s begin with the hedgehog, a small, spiny, and cute mammal with a cone-like form. This little critter is native to Africa, Asia, and primarily Europe and principally lives in forest and desert areas. Hedgehogs are primarily nocturnal creatures , but some are diurnal as nicely and like a solitary lifestyle.


If you’re a pet lover, then here that is one of the best web site for you. The zoological staff may be very devoted to offering you such sorts of animal-related information. Research has shown that hedgehogs are pretty vocal and communicate with each other in a various ways. These embrace a mixture of squeals, snuffles, and grunts, relying on the species.

The numerous species of hedgehogs stay in a variety of habitats, from forests and meadows to savannas, woodlands, and deserts. Baby porcupines, also recognized as porcupettes, don’t need to cope with quilling. They will fortunately lose and regrow quills throughout their lives. These quills act as a defense mechanism for both animals. Most hedgehogs respond to physical threats by curling into somewhat ball.

Comparability Desk Porcupine Vs Hedgehog

There are extra quills in porcupine than the hedgehog. The porcupine African species have about one foot longer quills than the hedgehog. On the other hand, the hedgehog species are thought-about extra useful garden pets than the porcupine. Porcupine vs. HedgehogPorcupines are larger, and are twice the size of hedgehogs, rising 25 to 36 inches long. Hedgehogs are smaller in measurement than porcupines starting from 5 to 12 inches.

Confusion between hedgehogs and porcupines is as old because the hills. They’re each quill-covered, spiky-looking mammals which have established a spot on the pop culture stage. There is a thick layer of spikes called quills on the back of hedgehogs.


They are nocturnal, meaning they’re active at night time. They do not all share the same spiny ancestor, I suppose is what you mean. In any case, the two porcupine groups aren’t that closely related and their common ancestor did not look anything like a porcupine .

While they primarily take pleasure in meat, in addition they like a tasty berry or a bit of foliage as a snack, so their diet has a variation. Porcupines, in contrast to the smaller hedgehog, do not create burrows, however they may instead relaxation inside hollow logs, behind rocks, or in small crevices. Some could even climb into bushes to rest on their limbs, nonetheless this is rare, however not totally unprecedented. Hedgehogs have poor eyesight, they usually primarily rely on scent and touch in order to discover food. Hedgehogs will eat meat and vegetation, whereas porcupines solely eat vegetation. So, these two creatures are actually very different, and do not even share any real genetic inklings of similarity.

What Do Porcupines Eat?

But picking up the hedgehog won’t hurt since they’ve poor eyesight. However, shifting fast and jerky might make the animal feel threatened to force them to attack. It is a small and spiny mammal with a cone-like shape. These rodents tend to detach their quills when threatened. These quills are difficult to take away and they are probably to develop back over time. There are 17 species of hedgehogs and 29 species of porcupine on the planet.

Ask Any Difference is a web site that is owned and operated by Indragni Solutions. We try to supply the most effective differences and comparisons. The best way to deal with these creatures is to maintain away and call animal companies for assist. If you come throughout a porcupine, again away calmly and slowly. Also, transfer your pets removed from these critters, as they tend to really feel they need to attack the porcupine.

Major Variations Between A Hedgehog And A Porcupine

Hedgehogs normally give start to about four to seven hoglets as soon as per yr. While most female hedgehogs instantly care for his or her infants, some new moms may assault them, especially if they’re careworn. And there are a handful of other mammals with spines on the market too. Hedgehogs aren’t rodents in any respect, however are as an alternative most closely associated to the obscure gymnures and extra distantly related to a bunch of shrews and moles. For starters, they’re certainly one of solely two egg-laying mammals – the platypus being the opposite.

When we discuss Porcupine and Hedgehog comparison both are very comparable animals. Some folks often mistakenly name them the identical kind of animal, but each are quite completely different from each other. Let us talk about the distinctive features of each the species. If a hedgehog or porcupine loses its quills throughout an assault, new ones will shortly begin to grow in. These are often known as successor quills and they will grow to full length within a couple of days.

Porcupine Vs Hedgehog

They lay flat when porcupine is calm and protected and erect when porcupine needs to guard itself in opposition to predators. Close contact with predators triggers release of quills which act like miniature spears. Encounter with a porcupine usually finally ends up with painful wounds due to backward-faced barbs that penetrate deeply into the skin. Also different from the hedgehog is the porcupine’s nose, which is brief and spherical. Their babies are called porcupettes and usually are not born with sharp quills both.

How Are Porcupines And Hedgehogs Similar

However, their quills are barbed and simply removable. They shortly fall off and stick to the predator’s skin. When a hedgehog feels threatened, they’ll roll their physique right into a small ball, hiding their physique parts whereas exposing the sharp, pointy exterior. They are often spotted in gardens and are now being saved as pets. However, the prime habitat of these solitary animals remains to be the wild. It’s additionally honest to say that if you come across one of these animals in the wild in America, the chances are that will probably be a porcupine.

Distinction Between Porcupine And Hedgehog:

They are nocturnal animals and like a solitary life-style. Many people imagine that they’re close relations of each other. Despite their comparable look, these two critters are literally not associated in any respect. Porcupine tends to weigh about 15 kg whereas hedgehog weighs about 1kg. Hence, a hedgehog is relatively smaller than a porcupine. These prickly mammals belong to completely different orders, lessons, families, and species.



I'm Shmulik and I've been breeding exotic pets for over 8 years. During the Years I raised lots of different breeds of exotic animals and decided to bring all my experience and knowledge to this blog.

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I’m Shmulik and I’ve been breeding exotic pets for over 8 years. During the Years I raised lots of different breeds of exotic animals and decided to bring all my experience and knowledge to this blog.

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