What Bedding Do Hedgehogs Need


There are numerous sorts of bedding materials available in the market and lots of online stores. You just have to ensure that the bedding you’ll purchase for your hedgehog is of excellent high quality and has an odor management characteristic. There is some bedding which you want to avoid utterly, for example, cedar. They are very dangerous for the well being of hedgehogs and might trigger very serious health points. First of all, there could be some bedding which we is not going to recommend at all.

What Bedding Do Hedgehogs Need

Read our editorial course of to learn more about how we fact-check and keep our content accurate, reliable, and trustworthy. This toxic chemical may cause cancer as well as liver and respiratory ailments. You must be very careful when utilizing hay from farms and barns because of ticks, lice, and different parasitic pests.

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Soft and gentle to lie on, holds up liquids, dust-free, comfortable, and cost-effective. One of the most effective bedding options as a end result of you can clear it up anytime, wash, and reuse. Besides, you don’t have to deal with shavings during which you’re unsure about their security. The primary sort of bedding/ shavings to keep away from is cedar. Even simply the scent is toxic to animals and will trigger allergic reactions. Cedar shavings are low cost, naturally available, and has a natural aroma as well.

Even placing a sleeping pouch on high of pellets inside their housing could not give them the comfort they should relax and sleep. Sometimes the selection of bedding for the cage might not be suitable as bedding for the place the hedgehog sleeps corresponding to utilizing cat litter pellets produced from wood. We use fabric-based bedding by offering a thick fleece-lined blanket on the base of our hedgehog’s cage. The cage shouldn’t be a fireplace risk from the warmth emanating from the heat lamp as some plastic cages might find yourself melting, catching fire and critically injuring hedgehogs. Fire risk applies to other gadgets in the cage produced from supplies that may easily catch hearth or soften. While we like that this product prevents pet odors, we didn’t the like odor of the bedding itself.

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When the hedgehog is newly acquired, it’s advisable to alter bedding much less regularly. As they turn out to be extra comfortable of their new home, will probably be simpler to make changes without significantly stressing them out. Two to 3 inches thick is recommended for various varieties of litter and shavings. Sometimes, people opt for deep bedding to allow their hedgehogs to root and to maximise the operate of the litter. For proper guidance of bedding, its adverse points must also be mentioned here. Most wood shaving incorporates poisonous chemical compounds like phenol, acid, and oil, and so on. these chemical substances are toxic for the hedgehog’s life.

The shavings are mud extracted and kiln-dried, offering a secure and clear product. Kiln-dried pine can be a versatile and cost-effective bedding choice. Cell-Sorb Plus by Estes’ Co. – This is a compacted paper bedding materials that expands when it becomes wet. Some pet stores and owners like this bedding because it is not as light-weight because the fluffy, soft paper bedding options. CareFresh Ultra by Healthy Pet – This bedding is great for hedgehogs for a number of reasons.

Vitakraft Contemporary World Small Animal Bedding

Bedding for a hedgehog house has all the time been a really sensitive issue. You must be very vigilant whereas selecting the hedgehog bedding set. If we discuss fleece bedding for hedgehogs then this Courtney handmade bedding comes first. This bedding is 100% dust-free, delicate, and easy to clean up.

What Bedding Do Hedgehogs Need

Whether you opt for wooden shavings, pellets, and even prefer to machine wash a cloth mattress, be sure to are changing your hedgehog’s bedding weekly. You also needs to give your hedgehog fresh meals and water every day. Not getting enough hours of good and undisturbed sleep can actually dampen one’s mood.

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If they start smelling the strong scent, they may get confused or confused. Plus, a few of the scents may be poisonous beneath long-term publicity. That’s the same cause why you shouldn’t use business air fresheners in your hedgie’s cage. As we use fabric-based bedding the depth of this is about half a centimetre at most. With bedding manufactured from pellets or shavings, an inch or two must be sufficient, with care taken to make sure the hedgehog isn’t impeded in its ability to move around the cage.

What Bedding Do Hedgehogs Need

Some issues to consider are the sizes of the paper shavings. You don’t need anything that can doubtlessly become a choking hazard. I really have discovered plenty of paper bedding is rough and uncomfortable. So, I recommend trying to find paper bedding that advertises itself as being delicate.

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However, not offering bedding will do severe harm to their fragile underbelly. There are a number of factors to think about simply to make sure your pet’s safety, and you must additionally contemplate their nature. What begins as a simple “let’s head to the shop and select some bedding” dialogue will rapidly descend into a wave of confusion.

Taking the most effective care of your hedgehog includes offering them one of the best bedding that you could to make certain that they continue to be as comfortable as potential. Dr. Diehl is a passionate veterinarian pursuing specialty medication with over 6 years’ experience with exotic pets. She now works with a group of different experienced vets to provide one of the best advice and care for their clients’ pets.

Kaytee Delicate Granule Mix Small Animal Bedding

Hedgies have a sensitive respiratory system and since this model of litter is 99.7% dust free, organic, and highly absorbent, it is the only model we endorse. Simply purchase fabrics like fleeces, towels, pillowcases, or small blankets. They are the most effective for temperature control as a outcome of hedgehogs can simply burrow in them.

Bedding should provide a level of comfort, especially when used within the sleeping space. Research exhibits that some beddings do reduce ranges of deep sleep in other small animals. If that is true for hedgehogs, it could be detrimental to your hedgehog’s well being and well-being. Good quality, kiln-dried, mud extracted pine shavings at the second are extensively used in some countries, like the UK throughout several species.

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It will help should you put bedding to maintain your hedgehog warm and keep away from the cage getting soiled. You can even use a blanket as bedding to keep your hedgehog heat. This way, keeping a clean cage will not be of much bother. If the bedding you employ has an excellent absorbency level, you’ll not want to scrub the cage usually. For hedgehogs, using towels may be stressful for you because towels don’t take up as much moisture as other bedding materials. O not use scented bedding as a outcome of hedgehogs have a great sense of odor and the scent of the bedding could make them uncomfortable.

What Bedding Do Hedgehogs Need

Also being a paper bedding, it has the drawback of getting stuck in between the spikes of a hedgehog. They have excessive absorbency for odor and scents, so it’s great for young hedgies who can’t hold it in for long. The biggest issue with pellets is the tendency to stick in between the quills of the hedgehog. Under the benefit of use, contemplate how you will dispose, clean, and wash the bedding after the hedgie has used it.

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You should agree that bedding for a hedgehog’s house is certainly one of the most delicate and important factors. Various options you want to bear in mind while shopping for bedding for a hedgehog, positive points leave a constructive impression on the hedgehog’s life and well being. Bedding for wild hedgehogs must be the same as regular hedgehogs. Using recycled paper such as newspaper is the easiest option for a hedgehog home. If you want your hedgehog bed extremely gentle and cozy then you have to buy this hedgehog fleece bedding which is absorbent as nicely. Fleece which is durable and appropriate material is used in its manufacturing.

What Bedding Do Hedgehogs Need



I'm Shmulik and I've been breeding exotic pets for over 8 years. During the Years I raised lots of different breeds of exotic animals and decided to bring all my experience and knowledge to this blog.

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I’m Shmulik and I’ve been breeding exotic pets for over 8 years. During the Years I raised lots of different breeds of exotic animals and decided to bring all my experience and knowledge to this blog.

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