What Food Do Hedgehogs Eat

Their sense of odor not solely helps them to search out meals but in addition to locate different hedgehogs and potential threats. Aside from scent, hedgehogs also possess excellent listening to, especially when it comes to detecting high-frequency sounds. On the other hand, a hedgehog’s eyesight is rather poor in comparison with its hearing and odor. They have poor depth perception and binocular imaginative and prescient, however that’s okay, as a end result of they largely search for meals at night in dense underbrush.

While you’re on the pet store, you presumably can examine to see if they’ve pre-packaged hedgehog treats. These are secure when it comes to being non-toxic, but you must still learn the labels to make sure they’re not loaded with unhealthy elements. Thank you for visiting my web page on what to feed hedgehogs. If you’ve had a hedgehog in your backyard you might be questioning what is safe to feed them. Only feed hedgehogs the proper food to encourage them to come back again into your backyard so you possibly can enjoy seeing this wonderful creature.


They are recognized to eat animals corresponding to rodents and frogs too. Hedgehogs aren’t overly fussy creatures, and within the wild they’ll eat whatever is out there to them. It is necessary to remember that hedgehogs are opportunistic eaters. This implies that when they’re out there they will eat other kinds of meals along with bugs. This can cover a extensive variety of several sorts of meals. Before we jump into what hedgehogs eat within the wild, it’s useful to know where hedgehogs could be found.

What Food Do Hedgehogs Eat

But, as hedgehogs are quite completely different from most other animals, the meals label must be checked for components and nutrients earlier than providing to the hedgy. It must also be checked whether or not the food is tough or delicate. A verify must also be accomplished for preservatives and dangerous parts. Although we talked about hedgehog food, the jury remains to be on the market on this one.


The zoological group could be very devoted to providing you such kinds of animal-related info. They munch upon little frogs, baby rodents, child birds and eggs, and some fallen fruits. Small seeds (hard to pick up and hedgehogs can’t take away the seed case, so the seed is essentially indigestible). It is useful to maintain a log of your hedgehog’s weight each week so that you simply can spot issues rapidly.

The general thought is to feed them a balanced food plan that accommodates about 20% of protein, 5-15% of fats and some quantity of fiber as properly. The most active time is in the early evening which is when you must present meals for them. You can use non-clumping kitty litter or just a paper towel. TheAfrican pygmy hedgehogis essentially the most typically type of hedgehog to be domesticated and stored as a pet by many consumers.

Do Hedgehogs Eat Dirt?

They will favor to eat insects and small creatures as an alternative. Hedgehogs are opportunists and will eat mice if they’re out there. Hedgehogs will indeed eat bugs and aren’t particularly fussy in relation to which ones. This signifies that almost every evening they are out on the hunt for food. They will forage by way of the leaves and grass to have the ability to find what they will and devour it. They are creatures that hibernate which means that they should build up a big fat storage so as to have the ability to get by way of the winter.

Even although porcupines and hedgehogs are similar, they are actually very different animals and not intently related. Most homeowners choose to offer water via a sipper bottle hung within the cage. If using a sipper bottle, be certain that your hedgehog will drink from it. Check the tube whenever you change the water to make sure the sipper tube has not become clogged with food. If owners are able to buy some from pet stores or online, this could be a good treat for hogs. When giving a hedgehog sources of protein, be positive to don’t overdo it, as this will trigger extreme weight gain.

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It could additionally create digestive issues if the meals is frozen in salty water or has high amounts of sugar in it. The hedgehog is an omnivore and feeds on a selection of insects and small animals, as properly as vegetation, berries, and greens. Some of the meals they wish to eat in the wild are as follows. We’ve researched this topic well and personal a quantity of hedgehogs ourselves. We will listing as many foods that they’ll eat as we will, as properly as tell you somewhat about them and how to discover them. While insects and meat do make up the vast majority of a hedgehogs food plan, they may eat fruit and veggies too.

What Food Do Hedgehogs Eat

However, that’s typically not possible, and we don’t advocate quitting your job to find a way to stay in your hedgehog’s schedule. Naturally, hedgehogs are insectivores, taking on 70% of their key vitamins from insects and beetles in the wild. Occasionally, they could additionally dine on worms, slugs or snails, which might assist to maintain your garden pest- free. Make certain to feed an adult hedgehog with one or two tablespoons of kibble together with a teaspoon of fruits and veggies, and insects. However, bigger or active hedgies could require extra food.

Thoughts On What Do Hedgehogs Eat?

As well as offering meals, it’s essential to ensure hedgehogs can easily access your garden. Create a ‘hedgehog freeway’ – an area of simply 13 x 13cm to allow any hog to get in and out of your garden. Putting meals and water out for any visiting hedgehogs is particularly essential during times of dry, sizzling weather, when pure assets can turn out to be scarce. Hogs hunt by snuffling via the undergrowth, utilizing their keen sense of scent and hearing to catch any prey they disturb. While invertebrates are prime of the menu, hedgehogs are opportunistic eaters.

I keep hoping they’ll have babies and produce them alongside I love listening to them snorting and making little grunting noises around the garden. Well, hedgehogs actually aren’t tough to feed once you understand the drill. They thrive properly on a good routine with animal protein, bugs, fruits, and vegetables. However, in case such meals is not out there in your space, you could also feed them with cat meals. Meat or chicken cat foods comprise excessive protein ranges and act as great alternatives to pet hedgies. Guinea pigs are vegetarians by nature, and due to this fact, their treats contain lots of plants, vegetables, nuts, and grains.

Greatest 10 Long Eared Hedgehog Information, Colour, Weight, Food Regimen

Most vegetarian cat meals out there in the market are fairly low in nutrients. Also, hedgehogs are naturally insectivorous, and making them reside on a vegetarian food plan would be cruelty. Dry cat meals are one of the staple components of the hedgehog’s diet.

Hedgehogs living in the wild will feed on a range of issues and have a tendency to survive on a ‘whatever they can get their claws on’ foundation. A bowl of cat biscuits left undercover will keep dry and edible for a minimum of per week. Are you fortunate enough to have a hedgehog visiting your garden? These much-loved mammals are in bother, with the UK population possibly falling by two-thirds in the final 25 years alone. Learn tips on how to create a happy, healthy home on your pet. Hedgehogs are vulnerable to obesity, so it is of utmost importance to observe how a lot you’re feeding it.

What To Not Feed Hedgehogs

Both milk and bread are unsafe meals for a hedgehog and you should be certain that your hedgehog doesn’t have either of these foods. Your hedgehog’s diet plays an important role in its overall health. Too little or an excessive quantity of meals could be dangerous to the animal. Studies have shown that hedgehogs is not going to become dependant on the food you permit out for them. It will simply be a useful supplement, especially it times of hot, dry climate, or on the run-up to hibernation. Treats are important as a outcome of they maintain the hedgehogs pleased and sound.

What Food Do Hedgehogs Eat

Feline Greenies and pure bites’ freeze-dried shrimps can be a nice example of cat treats for hedgehogs. You ought to positively not provide gerbil food to your hedgehogs as they will comprise nuts and grains which aren’t appropriate for hedgehogs. Also, the macronutrients in them are not sufficient for your little hedgie to survive. There is no hurt should you hedgehog tries some items of dry pet food.



I'm Shmulik and I've been breeding exotic pets for over 8 years. During the Years I raised lots of different breeds of exotic animals and decided to bring all my experience and knowledge to this blog.

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I’m Shmulik and I’ve been breeding exotic pets for over 8 years. During the Years I raised lots of different breeds of exotic animals and decided to bring all my experience and knowledge to this blog.

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