What Hedgehogs Eat

Now that you realize somewhat of the forms of habitat that hedgehogs reside in, this may help you to be taught extra about the forms of meals that they eat. When taking a glance at a wild hedgehog’s diet, it isn’t too dissimilar to the food regimen of a hedgehog that’s saved as a pet. Most hedgehog house owners like to feed wild hedgehogs for survival and observe their growth of their pure habitats. If you plan to feed a wild one, ensure to not feed them with too much meals and supply food to them at irregular occasions.

An adult hedgehog weighs 1000 grams before winter, a juvenile hedgehog a minimal of 600 grams. Nature conservation associations similar to Nabu even have places of work and get in contact with individuals in all places. They will be pleased to provide you with competent assist. A few items of apple, carrot or greens are appropriate for this purpose.

Finest Foods To Feed Pet Hedgehogs

Failing this, moist or dry dog or cat food makes a good substitute. If using cat meals, we’re told not to use fish flavours. We can’t discover any concrete proof as to why, so this would possibly simply be an old wives’ story.

How much you should feed him is determined by his activity and metabolism. If you notice your hedgehog turning into fats, reduce on his portions. This is so wonderful as an entire regular food regimen for the hedgehog. It accommodates almost 30% protein and less than 20% fat.


They are identified to eat animals such as rodents and frogs too. Hedgehogs usually are not overly fussy creatures, and in the wild they may eat no matter is available to them. It is important to remember that hedgehogs are opportunistic eaters. This means that when they’re available they’ll eat other kinds of food along with bugs.

What Hedgehogs Eat

You can conveniently present Pheonix worms to your hedgehogs. They have low-fat content material when comparing with wax worms and mealworms. Rest assured, they can be easily purchased from on-line web sites and pet shops. Secondly, hedgehogs can get all kinds of nutrients from consuming varied insects.

What Do Pet Hedgehogs Eat?

A meat or chicken dry cat meals that’s high in protein is an honest different. Dry food must be the primary portion of your pet’s diet. However, it’s not enough, by animal protein it doesn’t mean that you could give them something that is protein.

Hedgehogs feed on the invertebrates found on the soil. In so doing, they keep a stability on the population of the soil invertebrates. Hedgehogs have a coat of sharp spines on their backs and sides, which tends to discourage potential predators. Other animals, quite the opposite, don’t draw back from having hedgehogs as their meal and these embody foxes, weasels, and enormous birds.

Homemade Mixes, Fresh, Uncooked And Cooked Diets

But, as yet, their specific dietary necessities are unknown. Most of the information available leads again to work accomplished in zoos by researchers such as Anthony J. Smith and Dr. Graffam-Carlsen. Earthworms are a worm that lives on the bottom but a straightforward meal for a hedgehog to catch as they move very sluggish.

You may help hedgehogs over the winter by leaving a quantity of piles of leaves within the garden in the course of the chilly season. But the doorway should be so small and protected that other animals can’t enter. Hedgehogs can go for up to two weeks with out meals, but they will begin to shed weight and need to eat more. Supplement to assist make up for any nutritional deficiencies. One essential thing to remember in relation to a hedgehog’s food regimen is that they do not have enamel.

What Do I’ve To Consider When Feeding?

Here are a couple of of the meals you should keep away from giving your hedgehog. I truly have a hedgehog in my garden so now know what to feed him. Hedgehogs are insectivors which suggests they eat insects. Their robust sense of smell and good listening to actually comes in handy at night time, serving to them to hunt. They are happy to hunt for their food, and they are good at this.

Hedgehogs largely live in hedgerows, meadows, and woodlands, and so they hibernate in the winter. Most hedgehogs weigh between 650 grams and 2 kilograms, which would be the identical weight as about 1 golf ball up to as many as 45 golf balls. There are many frequent illnesses in domestic hedgehogs that can be life-threatening.

Meal Worms:

Before buying a hedgehog to convey home as a pet, make certain your pet is actually wholesome. The kibble you choose shouldn’t have any greater than 15% fats and somewhere round 30 to 35% protein. This could additionally be greater than some persons are willing to offer. Providing the correct surroundings and diet will help to ensure that your hedgehog supplies you and your family with a great deal of enjoyment.

It’s necessary to not feed your hedgehog any dried fruits. Dried fruits usually have method an excessive amount of sugar with very little dietary benefits. Do not feed your hedgehog any type of citrus both, including oranges, lemons, and limes. Citrus fruit is method too acidic for the hedgehog’s stomach. The acidity in the pineapple is also liable for this fruit being banned. It is critical to maintain them in form and to keep away from wasting them from obesity.

How Are You Going To Cease Cats And Foxes From Stealing The Meals

The reason is they could already discover them in the wild anyway. So, you’ll have the ability to try to maintain the balance in their diet by feeding them with correct meals. So, as a lot as a nutritional food regimen is essential, ensure to feed them the proper amount. The fundamentals in regards to the hedgehog diet are fairly easy when you get your self to study them. And if you are keen enough to pet a hedgehog, you’d be certainly curious to learn about their diet when you don’t already.

What Hedgehogs Eat

This merely implies that hedgehogs are adapted extra for digesting insects than crops. This can be helpful when feeding overweight hogs, as some fibrous vegetables may be supplied to increase the quantity of meals whereas having little impact on energy. Join us whereas we have a glance at the hedgehog and talk about their dietary requirements. We hope you might have discovered this article helpful and insightful. As you can see, wild hedgehogs do have fairly a various diet.

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Some insects may need a heavy exoskeleton while others won’t. Now, the first question arises, why do hedgehogs even eat insects. For starters, a study by the University of Helinski highlights the advantages of consuming bugs. Additionally, they may also devour maggots, darkling beetles, isopods, calci worms, slugs, and the listing goes on. Now, you may want to tone down the hunting somewhat bit however regulating what your hedgehog basically eats is important.

What Hedgehogs Eat



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I’m Shmulik and I’ve been breeding exotic pets for over 8 years. During the Years I raised lots of different breeds of exotic animals and decided to bring all my experience and knowledge to this blog.

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