What Type Of Cat Food Can Hedgehogs Eat

As these type of cat biscuits are lower in fat as a end result of they are designed for cats who’re going to be sedentary and not venture out as much. However, crucial factor to ensure is that the food is of a good high quality. This is essential as your hedgehog wants the vitamins and protein to outlive fortunately. Check the label for GMO products, grain content, artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors. Giving fish flavoured cat food to your hedgie is basically down to you and what you’re feeling like an proprietor.

With this in mind, cat meals is an entire meal that’s packed full of goodness and vitamins that a hedgehog will profit from. Given this, it’s a great option to suppose about if you do not have direct entry to hedgehog food. If you have run out of hedgehog meals, you may be wondering whether or not you possibly can feed your pet cat food.


While there are numerous folks that counsel this, you may be wondering whether that is true. Deciding what to give your hedgehog if you’re a model new pet father or mother is undoubtedly as onerous as deciding what to feed your cats. Just bear in mind to provide them with sufficient high-moisture kibbles to maintain them hydrated and keep their sharp teeth on level. Make positive they also have water dish available always. You ought to avoid offering your hedgehogs dairy merchandise similar to milk.

The product not only makes use of high quality components but in addition has very excessive fiber ranges. GMO merchandise, by-products, artificial preservatives, flavors, colours, and flavors are all absent. Yes, a hedgehog’s food regimen ought to include cat food, dry kibble, to be specific. However, that’s not all you should feed your little critter.

Of The Best Cat Foods For Hedgehogs Checked Out

So except you have a night camera, you aren’t prone to see them feeding. If you set meals out for hedgehogs, chances are they’ll take it, so it’s important to offer meals that’s good for them. Especially if a hedgehog has dental issues, like missing enamel, the moist meals is best. Firstly, comparing a hedgehog to a canine or cat – we instantly see the size difference.

Also, at times kibble pellets that are too massive to swallow or get stuck within the roof of the hedgehog mouth – which can lead to episodes of choking. Hedgehogs will sometimes eat about 100g of meals per day, which is about a sixth of their ideal hibernation physique weight. My name is Johnson, a graduate of Zoology from Cornell University before I proceed to do my grasp’s at Colorado state university the place I bagged MSc in Animal Science. I am generally a lover of animals of every kind and this blog is especially to teach the world about what I know about animals. Small seeds (hard to pick up and hedgehogs can’t take away the seed case, so the seed is basically indigestible). Foraging opportunities may help to keep the hedgehog energetic and may simply be provided by putting the kibble in numerous locations across the habitat.

One Thought On Can A Hedgehog Eat Cat Meals Or Canine Food?

She has a powerful love for all animals of all styles and sizes and needs to share her animal information and other experts’ knowledge with pet lovers across the globe. A few years ago I purchased a hedgehog for my daughter Jinnee. Ever since then, we’ve been studying loads about keeping a hedgehog and understanding just what it takes to keep a wholesome hedgehog. We’ve learned from on-the-ground experience what you have to do for hedgehogs with essentials that work and what would not work.

Dry cat food is way healthier for numerous causes and it presents greater dietary worth than moist cat food. The 2 manufacturers we’ve decided to check are Vitasmart hedgehog meals and Bluebuffalo cat food as these 2 brands are top quality and in our opinion the most effective available on the market. Even although fats is crucial, too much fats will disrupt the well being of your hedgehog. Do not go for food products that have more than 10% to 15% fat content material.

Canned Cat Food And Hedgehogs

A wholesome mixture of protein, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, water, and so on. is crucial on your hedgehog’s wellbeing. Make positive that the amount of protein in the meals being fed is over 20%, try to keep fat ranges between 5% and 15% p.c, and embrace a wholesome portion of fiber as well. A food regimen of cat food doesn’t mean your hedgehog can solely eat expensive products. The market has a plethora of inexpensive manufacturers which are simply as nutritious. However, one thing to recollect is the quantity of cat food you feed your critters must be less.

We go over a number of points to contemplate that might influence your last determination. However, this meals is dear, and some cats experience gastrointestinal issues after eating it. If you think your hedgie is performing hungry within the morning, feel free to give it slightly bit more.

Diamond Naturals

Throughout this text after we discuss with the hedgehog, we’re talking concerning the African Pygmy Hedgehog , although a lot of this will switch to different species. Taming your new hedgehog is crucial a half of proudly owning a new hedgy. Anyone who’s a present father or mother or want to be one wants to have a look on this article the place I explain the precise way you’ll find a way to… Recently, I saw some bald spots on my hedgehog and I wasn’t sure what are they? Are they some type of fungal infection, mites or just random quilling? And, hence we’ve created both small lists and detailed statements that will help you out.

What Type Of Cat Food Can Hedgehogs Eat

The decisions appear infinite, and the prices can vary quite drastically, notably for Canadians! We hope to make issues slightly easier with these 10 critiques of the best dry cat meals in Canada, so yow will discover the proper meals in your little fluffball. Although hedgehogs must be fed primarily a food plan of protein and vegetables, fruits could make fantastic treats that are tasty and wholesome. Of course, not all fruits are safe for hedgehogs to consume. It’s necessary to know which fruits your hedgehog can eat and which they should keep away from.

Guinea Pig Meals And Hedgehogs

However, the food uses blood meal as its major ingredient. Blood meal is a dried powder produced from animal blood and normally collected from slaughterhouses. There is nothing intrinsically mistaken with blood meal but it is not a high-quality protein supply. Other ingredients include ground corn, so several components appear to be they are low cost fillers and presumably used as a method to keep the worth of the food down. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin requiring fats to be able to be utilised effectively.

What Type Of Cat Food Can Hedgehogs Eat

It is a hen and salmon recipe dry meals that is obtainable in massive resealable baggage which may be additionally handy. A 32% protein content is an efficient degree for hedgehogs, whether or not they are active or more sedentary. The food additionally contains fish meal, tuna meal, and different seafood sources. The odor of seafood can and does put some hedgehogs off, and might be too rich in your hog’s abdomen. Another undesirable ingredient is dried mealworm which might result in impaction and cause critical sickness.


Many veterinary retailers actually suggest dry cat food for hedgehogs as a quality protein source. There are many various varieties of cat food available in the market, and never each considered one of them is appropriate for your pet hedgehog. When selecting cat meals for hedgehogs, it is best to choose those which are poultry-based. This means to go for cat meals that has turkey or hen meat in them. The meat in hen or turkey is lean and has the right amount of protein. The Chicken Soup for the Soul cat meals can additionally be in the taste hen and brown rice.

This food doesn’t contain grains, corn, soy, or any artificial flavours, colors, or preservatives. It helps promote a healthy weight in cats and reduce the danger of arthritis, kidney disease, or respiratory infections. The best dry cat food in Canada for the money is Friskies Grillers Tender & Crunchy Dry Cat Food. It’s well-priced and has essential fatty acids for your cat’s pores and skin and coat. It incorporates taurine and vitamin A for wholesome eyes and vision, in addition to antioxidants for a robust immune system. However, if you start shopping for new cat food, you’re bound to note how a lot there is to select from.



I'm Shmulik and I've been breeding exotic pets for over 8 years. During the Years I raised lots of different breeds of exotic animals and decided to bring all my experience and knowledge to this blog.

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I’m Shmulik and I’ve been breeding exotic pets for over 8 years. During the Years I raised lots of different breeds of exotic animals and decided to bring all my experience and knowledge to this blog.

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